MuZQ – Note based Adjustable Q Equalizer



DrummyQ – Drum specific Equalizer



SlammyQ – Equalizer for hard to tune drums




I’m not putting any copy protection on this bundle. However that doesn’t mean its free. Below is the paypal button I hope you’ll click. It will ask for $10.00 (USD) for this plugin.

There is nothing to stop you from downloading it anyway from the links below, but of course, that’s just to try it out, and of course you will be back to pay the paltry little fee right? 🙂 If you support this plug, it frees me up to keep working on more of them. If you try it and decide its not for you and don’t buy it, no problem.

PLEASE report any issues or problems on my forum or on the REAPER irc channel


Download the MuZQ, DrummyQ and SlammyQ Bundle



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