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Audio Recording

Whether you are a solo artist or full on rock band, put our decades of recording experience to work for you!

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Song Mixing

Whether you recorded it here, or with someone else, let me turn those tracks into something you will be proud of for the rest of your life!

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Drum Editing

From the very earliest days of DAWs I have been turning even the most hopeless of drum performances into inspiring works of art. Relax and leave the drum editing to me!

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Podcast production

Whether you need to record your podcast in our isolation room, or just need it edited, we are here for you

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Your source for EVERYTHING in audio engineering.

If you are doing anything related to audio production or music, we would love to help! From developing the tools we use to record, all the way to remote recording, its audio engineering all the way!

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Pipeline Audio (Aaron) is an amazingly talented guy with an incredible background in audio production software, its use and implementation therein. I first met him via an internet recording forum years ago. When Reaper came about he was at the forefront and has led the charge sharing his innovation, knowledge and experience worldwide. Being an out of the box thinker he pushes the envelop by challenging some of the worlds most talented audio software developers to create and do things that withou…
Tom CostelloGemstone Surfaces, LLC
Aaron is an amazing mix engineer, has made his own line of great sounding microphones and audio plugins, and is of the most talented audio engineers I’ve seen. I think his understanding of how audio works goes well beyond most other engineers I’ve encountered. I have learned a lot from him and have listened to him mix tracks over live streaming. He has taken mixes I thought had little hope of salvaging and turned them into beautiful mixes.
Jeffrey BartlettSteppin' Out inc
Aaron Carey provides pro-level recording and engineering that everyone can afford. Don’t let the fact that Aaron C records out of the music school fool you. Pro gear combined with his decades of experience result in the very best end product you’ll find anywhere.
Aaron Kirk
Mixed, mastered and even edited the drums in my song for an extremely fair price! The before and after are night and day! Will be going to Aaron for all my future recording needs.
Pipeline has and impressive ear and the ability to make exceptionally good decisions from a producers standpoint whilst having the ability to realize how these decisions will impact the album even before its been passed off for mastering. This fore site has served him well in his work with and impressive list of clients and studios and many 100s of satisfied bands, labels and solo artists.
Dr. Andrew DavenportEdgeworth Studios
As a studio owner, I attribute all of our success to Aaron Carey/ pipeline audio. He recorded many great bands while working with us and recording all our music. He designed and built our pro studio. Before leaving us to Hawaii, he taught my son all the ins and outs of sound engineering. The results speak for themselves. We are busy, successful and have recorded bands on labels and so many projects. Aaron has recorded Cheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Tommy Gibbons, Dokken and m…
Aaron is the man. Always impressed with his work, from the quality of it to his communication with me and what I’m looking to get out of my track/song. Plus he’s a great consult on improving a track or offering ideas production arrangement wise etc etc. Superior work and first rate service no matter where you are, and a true gem of audio production service right in Hawaii!
Marco AnichSonder City
Cant go wrong with pipelineaudio, Aaron is a true professional in his field and takes pride in his work like no other. Dont waste your time with others if you can get into pipelineaudio
Dan Gold
An excellent engineer with a serious, dedicated, rigorous approach to great sound, gear, and results; he also loves to help people new to recording learn their way around software and equipment. This man is a scientist, not a subjectivist.
David WilliamsOpen labs
Aaron is a passionate, creative individual who has an uncanny ability to bring a “whatever it takes” attitude to get the job done. As an audio engineer, Aaron has worked with the world’s best artists from Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow to Dokken and Megadeath. As an audio specialist he has been a major contributor and influencer in such companies as; Reaper ( and AEX Labs (, and many others. One of my first mentors, Aaron has always been the main asset and contributor…
Michael JosephOrganic Shores

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