Convolution and Impulses

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Here are some of my impulses for convolution processors like REAPER’s ReaVerb,
SIR, Voxengo Pristine Space, WAVES IR-1, etc.

For many more impulses by many more people see Noisevault

cAPSLOCK, Noisevault’s creator deserves a LOT of credit for spreading the
convolution revolution.

Original AES_24_96 impulses:

These are the original impulses I made, from way way back in the DALnet days

These are the ones that started it all, originally floating around DALnet. AES_24_96
was my old handle. Pack 1 was released contemporaneously with the legendary
Beamsonic Impulses. Not sure who was first, but this was the beginning of gear


IUD: The Impulses of Ultimate Domination

The IUD is scheduled for insertion

These are a series of stepped 96khz 24 bit impulses made from stuff around my studio. I made impulses from -18dB to +9dB in 1 dB steps at various settings. This is my first time using Voxengo’s Deconvolver, and worse it was in demo mode so this took forever and a half! Renaming and splitting up all the impulses was a chore in itself, but hopefully it will be worth it. I am hoping that creating stepped impulses in this way will nudge a plugin developer to make a “threshold stepper convolution app”. I can explain my reasoning if anyone bites.

The gear captured includes
Neve 1272
Calrec 1061
Focusrite Red-8
True Systems Precision 8
Manley Voxbox
API Mic Pre
SSL Logic FX G383
DBX 160 SL
Teletronix LA-2A

Eventide DSP4000 Reverbs


TCM5000 Reverbs

Revcore 1
Revcore 2
Reverb 1
Reverb 2a
Reverb 2b
Reverb 2c
Reverb 3

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