Kompound Drums

Kompound Drums

Some samples, using Kompound Drums

Roll The Dice

I will Celebrate


What is Kompound Drums Sample Building Kit?
At the heart of the sample set is the main wave files pack, where you will be in complete control of 3 direct mic tracks and a pair of overheads recorded in M/S.
Each drum includes 8 levels of velocity plus 4 levels of variation, for a total of 32 hits per drum. The kick drum also is available in two different tunings and a variety of damping states. The snare set includes some rolls and blastbeats, for those extra hard to place samples, and the toms include some rolls as well.
  • Each hit is meticulously split so that you can load them into your sampler right away.
  • 8 velocity levels, four random levels, 32 hits
  • 5 tracks of mics so you can mix the exact sound you want for the song, no being stuck with what someone decided for you
  • One size does not fit all, mix to your heart’s content
  • No machinegun crap!
Fully fuctional Drumagog Platform samples
Premixed Drumagog ready files prearranged for group velocity level. Just drop in and go!
Specific sounds can be requested of users and developers and the results can be posted at the gog exhange forum subgroup.

These are files created to be played by Jonas_Eriksson_Swe’s JS Drum ReaPlacer plugin.

Like the gogs, feel free to request specific sounds from the developers and users. All ReaPlacers will be made into gogs and vice versa.

 REAPER Project Files!

Included are REAPER files with the samples all laid out across the tracks for ease of mixing (other formats can be requested).

 Giving You Control To Shape The Perfect Sample!

We’ve set out to give you the most control possible when constructing drum tracks via sampler or replacing already existent drums in a live performance.
When you purchase Kompound Drums Volume 1, You get 5 tracks of mics to shape your sound!


Recording Notes

The drumset, recorded at the KOAMA Kompound in Maricopa County, AZ consists of a Pork Pie kick, snare and four toms.  Recording was done digitally through a MOTU 8Pre.  The KOAMA Kompound is the home of the band KOAMA which is 35 feet x 65 feet and 14 feet tall.  This provides a unique reverb that can be mixed into your drum samples.  The overheads were recorded using M/S microphone techniques.

Purchase: Kompound Drums $14.99