Guerrilla Recording

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This page is a central database for the philosophies, techniques, and examples of Guerrilla Recording.  Articles will be added as time allows.

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My Indoctrination – – a personal journey


First lets define the term for those who haven’t experienced it or know it by another name.  Guerrilla Recording is the practice and process of recording as is, where is, with whatever gear, budget and environment you have at your disposal.  With the added caveat of ending up with a professional album.

Obviously, this would seem to include your garden variety live recording, or even the ghetto blaster cassette from your practice room, but note the caveat – the aim is to end up with an album that can stand on par with any album, with any budget.

“Impossible!” you say, but that is not the case.

Browse the examples and articles on this page to partake in the Guerrilla Revolution!

Got a church to record in and an old plastic table? Score!

All you got is a bedroom and an old ironing board? No problem!

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