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Here are articles and tutorials I have made for various subjects. There are hidden gems, just a bit under the surface of many subjects. I try to expose these when possible.

I have a real podcast page up, click for the link!

DAW Guitar Tracking – Editing distorted guitars can be a MASSIVE PITA, here’s a way to deal with the problem before it starts

Exciting a Snare Drum – Have a little Mutt Lange Sizzle on your snare!

Guerrilla Recording – How to record whatever, whenever, wherever and with whatnot for gear

Hammering through the Vocals in five easy steps – Getting thru those tricky vocal sessions, without killing anyone

Mixing with stock plugins

Reactive Prediction – Your Plugin Arsenal


ReaFIR Cabinets – How to make speaker simulators for guitar amps with ReaFIR

Recording Drums

Recording Guitar Cabinets

Sound Card Buyer’s Guide

The Bonker! – Put some BOUNCE in your bass!

Studio Tech – What you need to know to keep your gozintas running through your gozoutas

REAPER Video Tutorials – Videos showing some reaper tricks and tips, hosted at the REAPER Wiki

New Project
Audio Hardware
Recording Setup
FX Chain
MultiChannel Routing
ReaGate Basics
ReaComp Basics
Using ReComp
Using ReaFir
SemiAutomatic Drum Editing
SemiAutomatic Drum Editing – Part 2
Guitar Tricks Part 1

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