May 242012
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Hello this is pipelineaudio. For those who don’t know me, I am an uneducated, uncouth, unreasonable audio engineer and a general loudmouth across the internet’s many “pro” audio haunts. I am here to bestow the accumulated wisdom of my years and years of inexperience regarding the purchase and evaluation of audio engineering techniques, philosophy and gear. In case you haven’t noticed, the forces of the MI Marketing Machine are so powerful at this time, that you can reasonably and accurately predict which exact brands and models (and often in what quantity) of gear you can expect to see in a noob’s rack. But of course, this isn’t just for noobs!

The point of this blog isn’t just to tackle the easy stuff, like Monster Cables, painting your CD’s green, Shakti Stones, etc. No my friends. I will be taking aim right at the most holy of holies. The Untouchable, Unassailable Sacred Cows upon whos’ udders many of the highest profile gear pimps greatfully suckle.

Yes, I will attack your favorites, Roger’s favorites, even MY favorites, with a critical thinking approach to see what really matters to the sound that reaches the end consumer who would rather steal than buy your music anyway.

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