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Videos from songs recorded by pipelineaudio

If you don’t see your band here, and we worked together, let me know.

Against The Natural – 18th Central

Arvin’s Garden – Give Back

Arvin’s Garden learning to use their video gear

Calabrese – Backseat of My Hearse

Calabrese – Death of Me

Calabrese – Midnight Spookshow

Calabrese – Zombie I

Camera – Believe (actually this is a BMX video, but we used that song for it)

Dokken – Bitter Regret

Dokken – Puppet on a String

Flotsam and Jetsam – Everything

Flotsam and Jetsam – Monster

Gin Blossoms – Follow you Down

Gin Blossoms – Memphis Time

Gin Blossoms – Till I Hear it from You

Hillbilly Devilspeak

Hollow – Peel

Hollow -Walk

The Iris – Assfist

Jed’s A Millionaire – Fools

Marty Friedman – Intoxicated

MD.45 – The Day the Music Died

MD.45 – Voices

Megadeth – Almost Honest

Numbers on Napkins – Runaway

Numbers on Napkins – Broken

Phunk Junkeez – Adrenaline from the American Werewolf in Paris soundtrack

Sacred Reich – Death Squad

Sacred Reich – Low

Sevenfield – From Ashes I Bloom

Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child o ‘ Mine

Sonicrush – I Wanna Know

Sonic Rush – Shine

Stereotyperider – Gone

St Madness – J.C.2000

St. Madness – Here Comes the Judge

Vehemence – Fantasy from Pain

Yesterday’s Promise ( R.I.P. Robert, we love you!)

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