Hawai’i REAPER Users

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This will be the temporary home page for the Hawai’i REAPER User Group, until such time as someone wants to host a better one (or I get around to it)


Be sure to say howzit in the Hawaii REAPER User Group forum and please join pipelineaudio.net as well!

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  One Response to “Hawai’i REAPER Users”

  1. This is for Aaron on Oahu. My Woody bra said to koin-a-u about the Reaper software. Woody (Dr Woodtone) said he was going to start recording again in his studio. I am his Bra-n-Law and live on the mainland. Recently a friend of mine started recording in his basement using a computer and Cakewalk Sonar 4 Home studio I supplied him. I sent a copy of our first recording in mp3 format to Woody to looky see the jam. I would like to send more recordings to him for him to jam on. I have a copy of Reaper 3.2 but have not used it. I can convert the Cakewalk projects to mp3, bin, and some other formats but need to know a format we can both use, and record more tracks on using our respectable software. Would it be easier for both of us to use Reaper? If so, how do I get the requried information (song tracks, song information, settings, etc) for MY Reaper and send it to Woody? Can Reaper import MP3, or MP4 into its software and then be used as tracks? Let me know what you think.

    Jack Conley
    [email protected]