Spoox Secret Sounds

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From before time began, hip hop and reggae producers have begged and pleaded for access to Urban Island giant Spookahuna’s sample stash. After undertaking a journey across the sea, to the most remote islands on earth, I have wrested from the very hands of Spoox himself, the Mecca and Medina of sample collection destinations, and can now proudly share them with you!

Purchase Spoox Secret Sounds – $99.99

Audio examples:


never – From Audio Cave/Express Mixing Artist: 4nsic

Beat 1 – from Spoox

Beat 2 – from Spoox

Beat 3 – from Spoox

Beat 4 – from Spoox

Beat 5 – from Spoox

The following are beats using only the included samples

beat example 1.wav – Samples loaded into Battery, 2 channels out, straight to mp3. By Spoox himself

What You Get:

1,514 Wav files organized into 41 folders

  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Hats
  • SFX
  • Guitar Riffs and Licks
  • Bass tones and lines
  • Tons more goodies!



Purchase Spoox Secret Sounds – $99.99

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