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Overjoyed to finally be able to announce the first of my microphones, the pipelineaudio Honukulele! As some of you know, for the last few years I have been trying to provide affordable, multi-pattern condenser microphones so that even the less economically endowed can learn the stereo micing techniques we talk about in the forums. Situations have changed for me and I could no longer afford to eat as much of the cost. Accordingly, I have significantly upped the quality of the mic I am offering.

  • Multipattern: Omni, Figure 8 and Cardioid
  • 1.25" capsule
  • Removable integrated popper stopper (this is really cool!)
  • Pad switch
  • LF Rolloff switch
  • Sturdy shockmount
  • Hefty, well padded, metal carrying case

$799 (USD) per pair*

$459 (USD) each*

Free Shipping * I am doing everything I can do deal with customs to orders outside of USA. Please bear with me and contact ASAP if you have any issues. I expect to resolve this and remove this disclaimer as soon as I can REAPER/A&A Discount Registered REAPER/ Westfest Discount honukulelefrequency Frequency Response vs AKG 414 pipelineaudio Honukulele in blue AKG 414 in orange Audio Recordings M/S Acoustic Guitar msacoustic2 pipelineaudio Honukulele AKG 414 Vocals Female Vocal Example – acapella Female Vocal Example – With Music M/S Drums msdrums pipelineaudio Honukulele AKG 414 XY X-Y Example all_mics_closeup Spaced Omni Pair Example all_mics Mono Omni Room Example

More pictures


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