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Here are some of my drum samples for you to download. These were originally meant for the drumagog format, as most are multisampled both velocity and for random hits, but you can use them with whatever sample player, or DAW you chose.

The Original AES_24_96 Drumagog Ready Drumsamples:
You may remember these perhaps from DALnet, when my handle was AES_24_96. These were the first drumsamples I ever made for Drumagog. They are multisampled with 8 levels of velocity X 3 levels of random. They come with text files, which were silly or fun at the time…not so relevant anymore, but I’m leaving them for historical accuracy.
Grip Drums:
These samples were from another drumset, of a band called Grip. These are already split up, may be easier to use. Not quite as “metal” as the original set. These seem to find more use with punk and blues/rock bands
Other Samples:
Miscellaneous samples I made through the years.
AES_24_192SnareTail1 – yeah I had a brief nick change as sample rates came up :)
Newer Samples:
These are some of the above samples but already sliced or gog’d up
Wav Format:
Drumagog *.gogs:
Tom Hi
Tom Mid
Tom Low
Tom Floor
Open Hi Hat
Closed Hi Hat
KOAMA Pork Pie Samples:
KOAMA Pork Pie Kick Multitrack
KOAMA Pork Pie Snare Multitrack
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