Audio Education

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Want to learn how to record, edit and mix bands?
We are teaming up with some exceptional characters, both local and global to bring
you the best in hands-on, individual, audio education.
Below are some videos I made to help you get started in REAPER. Most of these were made while REAPER was still in beta, so a lot has changed.
REAPER Tutorial 1 – New Project

REAPER Tutorial 2 – Hardware Setup

REAPER Tutorial 3 – Track Setup

REAPER Tutorial 4 – Track FX Chain

REAPER Tutorial 5 – Multichannel Routing

REAPER Tutorial 6 – ReaGate Basics

REAPER Tutorial 7 – ReaComp Basics

REAPER Tutorial 8 – Using ReaComp

REAPER Tutorial 9 – ReaFIR to the Rescue

REAPER Tutorial 10 – Semi-Auto Drum Editing

REAPER Tutorial – 11 More Automatic Drum Editing

REAPER Video Montage

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