Exciting the Snare Drum

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Exciting a Snare Drum

1.Play the audio and follow along!


2. Follow the links below to download the plugins mentioned and write a letter of thanks to their makers

3. Refer to the pictures below for the FX settings mentioned in the tutorial

4. If you have any questions or comments – Let me know – Click Here


In this audio tutorial, we are going to “excite ” a snare drum track to make it easier to hear in a dense mix. In this example, as the song changes from acoustic guitar to a distorted guitar, drum sounds that worked for the clean section will not work for the dirty one. I am going to be showing one way to do this in Sony’s Vegas 6, using stock and free plugins. The process will be similar in other apps such as Sonar, Nuendo and Samplitude.

Here is the compressor setup:

Here is the EQ:

Go to Storm Recording Studio and grab “Exciter” VST plugin.

Here is the Exciter setup:

For the free delay go to db audioware and grab db-Tap Tempo Delay.

Here is how I setup the delay:

Now for the reverb, go to AnwidaSoft and grab DX Reverb Light.

Here is the reverb setting:

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  1. Pipe this is so very cool! I wish you the best of success with this. All of your previous tutorials are so helpful and generous of you to share. This site majorly one ups the anty