The Bonker!

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Its amazing how hard this was to do just a few years ago, and how easy it is today to do in REAPER! Still, I’m leaving this article up as the principles will be similar, and just in case someone is using a DAW that is still this hard to route


The Bonker!

1. Here’s the audio file, Have a listen as you go thru this
Here’s the audio file, Have a listen as you go thru this

2. Follow the links below to download the plugins mentioned and write a letter of thanks to their makers

3. Refer to the pictures below for the FX settings mentioned in the tutorial

4. If you have any questions or comments – Let me know

In this audio tutorial, we are going to add some BONK to a chorus, by temporarily boosting the bass guitar whenever the kick drum hits. I am going to be showing one way to do this in Sony’s Vegas 6, using stock and free plugins. The process will be similar in other apps such as Sonar, Nuendo and Samplitude.

Here isFloorfish from digitalfishphones, a great free noise gate used in this tutorial

Assigning the duplicate kick track to the bonker buss in Vegas 6

Here are my initial settings for the bonker buss with Floorfish

Gpan from Gsonic RULES!!! Go Get it!

Here is the setup in the tutorial

Here I set the release on Floorfish, to allow just the right length of bonk

Here I set the expansion ratio lower, so that the “unbonked” bass will now be audible, just at a lower level

Splitting out the troublesome kick triggers in Vegas 6. Note the original kick track is left intact

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