Solutions to Sharing Audio between ASIO and non ASIO programs

for fixing the IDIOTIC problem of moving audio between apps on windows (Say from your DAW to skype, whatnot), there are a lot of things out that work with varying success. I’ll list them here maybe people can give their experiences.

  1.  First one that probably comes to mind is Virtual Audio Cable, which I think first made an appearance last century! Good stuff, but won’t fix everything. However it does, for me, solve the issue of OBS not having an audio output. AFAIK it cannot grab ASIO from ReaRoute, so won;t necessarily fix your #1 problem
  2. Voicemeeter. From the guys who made Virtual Audio Cable. Need to get ASIO out from your DAW into skype or OBS? This will do it! And then some! Plus some handy FX and other tricks. However, it does not see ReaRoute as an input, so you need to give up your actual audio interface capabilities in your DAW, so this isn’t an option for live streaming your DAW inputs
  3. VB also makes ASIO Bridge, which again doesnt seem to take ReaRoute, nor can i actually figure out how it works. Also couldn’t find a manual or much info…Hopefully VB-Audio Software can explain it
  4. DS WASAPI ASIO Router Mixer looks interesting. Not sure completely how it works, Ill be giving it a try.
  5.  Depending on how comprehensive your drivers are, some of the stuff like MOTU’s Cuemix (I think) and RME’s Totalmix MAY be able to loopback and such and get from ASIO to WDM/Waveout/WASAPI whatever
  6.  O-Deus ASIO Link Driver – the developer has died, I was never really able to get this one to do what I wanted it to, but I should look more into it
  7. Synchronous Audio Router – Not too sure about this one. I think I installed it and tried it for a bit, but I don’t think it could take ReaRoute as an input.
  8.  Dante….now here is something. PERHAPS Dante Virtual Soundcard or Dante Via could make this happen. If Focusrite and/or Audinate and/or Positive Grid can fix the dante problem between Positive Grid products and Dante, I’ll be able to have a look at this
  9. Jack….goofy linux stuff, who knows, maybe it works, but probably takes 15 trips thru a console window to turn it on or off
  10. Voxengo Recorder. 32 bit sadly, and I think you have to do some fiddling every time you use it, but it does work. Is anyone aware of a plugin similar but 64 bit?
  11. Straight plugging out a HARDWARE output to a HARDWARE input…as stupid as that sounds in this century, but that’s how I’m currently doing it
  12. OBS ASIO. Sadly input only (or it could be truly epic). Seems to work, but very fiddly, and you need to check it every time you use it. Often drops out in use

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