iOS FRFR One Cable Setup!

The ONE Cable Setup
Here is my setup for convenience in that the only cable I actually have to plug in at a show is a single power cable! Everything that can be is wireless and battery powered.
The very basic building blocks here are an iPad, an FRFR wedge (in this case, an Alto TS210), and the IK Multimedia iRig Blueboard pedalboard and an expression pedal plugged into the Blueboard
The iPad is held in place with a scissor tablet holder, really adjustable and nice, but I’m open to other ideas.
The audio interface (in this case a Sonoma Wireworks StudioJack Mini) and wireless receiver (Line6 G30) are velcro’d to the speaker. This will most definitely void your warranty, and there are other ways to do it, but in my case, I drilled a hole in the speaker cabinet and soldered a powerstrip to the A/C input of the speaker. Note that the A/C input is unswitched, which is why I opted for a switched power strip here. I hot glued the power strip to the cabinet.
Wrap up and zip tie the power adapter cables between the power strip and the devices
Add a Direct Box and hot glue it to the back (I also tried to take apart this speaker’s electronics and just put the direct box’s guts into the spare jack to clean it up further, but there were a lot of surface mount parts, so I thought better of it)
You definitely DO NOT want a soundman stupid enough to try and mic up an FRFR to try and mic up YOUR FRFR, the Direct Box helps avoid that silliness
In my case, the stereo TRS out of the Audio Interface goes to the Speaker input and the DI input.
Add some right angle plugs if need be to really clean things up!
All that’s left is to plug in the IEC cord

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