Choosing an iOS Guitar Interface

StudioJack Mini

Pass thru charging!

Stereo 1/4″ output

Like the GuitarJack Stage, this unit can also function as an audio interface for the desktop and has ASIO drivers.

Claims (now verified!)

  • Maximum output level (into 32 Ohms): 1.09 Vrms (34 mW) [my calculations say 2.97 dBu]
  • Maximum output level (into 10 kOhms): 1.73 Vrms (+7.0 dBu)

“The Vrms specs on our site are accurate, but I did some fresh Vpp measurements so you can compare. I got out my Fluke 289 multimeter, a Telecaster, and the StudioJack Mini plugged into an iPhone 6, no external power. Using the the Peak voltage measurement feature on the Fluke, the output of a solid strum across the open strings with the Bridge pickup on the Tele is ~2.5Vpp (it’s got some pretty hot pickups:) Plugging the Tele into the StudioJack Mini and setting the input level to just before the LED turns red (about halfway on the input knob), GuitarTone app running on iPhone, but with all the amps and effects bypassed, so basically just a pass through, with a similar strum yields a similar ~2.5Vpp output. Running a Signal Generator app, with a 1kHz sine wave with full output level I measure ~3.6Vpp. Changing to a GuitarJack Stage gives similar results. So yes it is definitely possible, and our devices both do it without external power. Of course, add the external power, and you get the pass-through charging for your iPhone or iPad:) We run them for 10 hours a day, all week at NAMM. We had to have twice as many iPads as demo stations at shows before we added charging. It was our number one feature request for GuitarJack Model 2, and it tool a lot of work to get right. A lot of this is thanks to Joe Bryan”

THAT is the kind of tech support you’d expect from a company that wanted to stay alive in the desktop world, but is so sadly lacking in the iOS world. This is what you should DEMAND, without question, from the other iOS based companies. MEGA kudos to Sonoma Wire Works.

Hopefully I’ll be trying these sooner rather than later.

Update: Got one on order stay tuned!

Here’s the StudioJack Mini next to my iRig HD2 for a good size comparison.







If the products themselves live up to the excellent customer care standards SWW have already shown, I think these devices will be the top of the heap.

After quite a bit of testing I can verify the level claims, this thing is SERIOUSLY legit! The included cables are nice and long, no worried about having to tweak them into suicidally crazy bends in order to hook it up to your iDevice. The multi colored level LEDS on the top of the unit are very handy, a cool feature that some of the iRigs and the Apogees have as well. I found this unit to have plenty of level, no silly noises, and even next to my computer, had very good noise rejection (below the noise level of my guitar). I know I harp on it a lot, but again, the output level was more than high enough to make my amp’s FX loop happy.

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