Choosing an iOS Guitar Interface

Multiple attempts to contact the manufacturer on social media, websites and kickstarter have failed, so until I hear more, as cool as this thing looks, I have no idea how to try one.


Audiobox iOne/ Audiobox iTwo

I love it when a manufacturer puts up clear pictures of all the gozintas and gozoutas of a device! Makes things much easier to judge at a glance and understand the claims made in the ads.

Similar to the Focusrite iTrack Solo, and isn’t it always what you would expect, these two guys always vying for the same niche of the same markets, one with the weight of their historical name and the other with sheer pluck and resourcefulness (Presonus I forgive you for ever using the dreaded DICE II chipset on some of your firewire interfaces, as Focusrite did the exact same %^&$& thing!)

Unlike the iTrack Solo however, this unit has actual 1/4″ outs! Yes, thank you! Claiming a +10 dBU output, and also, like the iTrack Solo, can work as a computer audio interface (hopefully with Presonus’ decent ASIO drivers).

The iOne requires power over USB and can pass thru charge your iDevice.

The Verdict: If more of a desktop style is OK for you, this unit should be more than great. Not quite as portable as the lightning powered units.

Sonoma Wire Works

I haven’t tried either of these yet, but they look very promising!

Update: In the initial testing stages of the StudioJack Mini, see below

GuitarJack Stage

This looks to be quite a serious piece of gear! MIDI pedals, MIDI knobs, plenty of I/O and an expression pedal input!

Pass thru charging! And without any sort of special adapter apparently.

Separate left and right 1/4″ Line outs

1/4″ Stereo headphone out

This is another device that is able to be used as an audio interface for the desktop, and ASIO drivers for it are available.

Like a few other devices in this roundup, the GuitarJack Stage also has a mic input, I don’t bring this up much as its not so relevant to the specific use I intend for them, but know that its there, and even has its own, actual, real, physical, knob to control gain.

I even read a few different reviews and forum posts that said this unit could work alongside IK Multimedia’s BlueBoard bluetooth MIDI controller, who’s achilles heel has been the inability to add more switches to it. I need to test this claim still.


  • Maximum output level (into 32 Ohms): 1.09 Vrms (34 mW) [my calculations say 2.97 dBu]
  • Maximum output level (into 10 kOhms): 1.00 Vrms (+2.2 dBu)

Not sure why this claim is so much lower than the StudioJack Mini below. I have asked the manufacturer, awaiting response.

Really good sign, in less than a day, Sonoma Wire Works explained why the numbers should be as claimed. I will never stop believing that a big part of REAPER’s success is that we would do everything in our power to help the users, even if it meant driving the old:

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