Choosing an iOS Guitar Interface

Just announced at NAMM 2018, this guy looks seriously targeted for the exact problems a lot of us want solved. I’ve had some un-nice things to say about some of the IK stuff here, but this really looks like they hit one out of the park. I’ll have a lot more to say once I have one in my hands

Four footswitches, an expression pedal, sensible I/O, an iPad holder….smart stuff IK!


Sonic Port/Sonic Port VX

Ahh Line 6, another pioneering company. My first brush with them was doing a Rob Halford album in the 90’s and we had received two of those crazy little POD beans to use on the session. Shrapnel’s Derek Taylor proceeded to wail 4 thousand notes per second all over these things, and it was a really really fast and easy way to get song ideas down before anyone could forget them.

Line 6 is really forward thinking and usually has a whole bunch of new ideas every time you run into them. They revolutionized a lot of ways of dealing with sound and especially controlling those sounds.

However, they often do really dumb things, like not putting a line out on the Amplifi 150…Not sure if I’ll ever let them live that down…and it worries me that in an already sketchy environment, they might have messed up on their iOS interfaces. But maybe not, I don’t know as of yet.

The Sonicport looks good, lightning interface, no batteries needed, no gain controls (not sure if that’s good or bad, but after using duct tape to hold my position on the iRig 2’s gain control, could be a good thing), a stereo output on 1/4″ TRS and a headphone output on 1/8″.

I read a lot on forums about low output gain, but I haven’t seen any actual numbers to back that up (hint hint….come on, manufacturers and forum posters alike, its really not that hard to at least give some relative numbers! Plug your guitar into a DI in your DAW, look at the levels, then plug the interface out into that same DI, plug your guitar into the interface and see what you get!)

There is also a Sonic Port VX version that adds a microphone (!) and some sort of pass through charging, though I couldn’t find much info on this last feature.

The Verdict: This could really be a great device! I thought I would have one by now, but no luck, if anyone wants to send me one, I will gladly put it through its paces! Line 6, if you are listening, send me one of these, and please, for the love of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, put a $%#^#^$^ line out on the Amplifi 150!

Melo Audio

Tone Shifter 3/ Tone Shifter 3s

Apparently audio I/O and MIDI switches, could be very cool, but I have an extremely hard time finding info on it.

This interface seemed to have a kickstarter fund attached to it, but information is scarce for me. The website doesn’t seem to load, but it looks good features wise.

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