Choosing an iOS Guitar Interface

The verdict: This unit sounds great, and has some cool features, but due to its level issues, I would NOT recommend it. If IK wants to send me a third one, I’ll try it again, but as of this writing, I have to give a big, fat, no thanks to this device.

iRig Pro I/O / iRig Pro Duo

iRig Pro I/O


iRig Pro Duo

The Pro I/O was originally the unit I was going to get when I started all this, as it came in a box with the iRig Blueboard, a wireless MIDI controller that looked so cool that it was really the reason for trying all of this in the first place. However, as it didn’t have a 1/4″ out, I figured it wasn’t for me…If only I knew then what I know now!

I know I can sound like a stuck record, but the lack of basic documentation in the iOS world compared to what we are used to on the desktop, really knocks people down dead end and costly paths. A lot of why I’m writing this is to help the next guy down this road avoid as much of the nonsense and non starters as possible.

Now, these two units have some cool stuff! MIDI I/O, Mic inputs, and possible pass through charging. I say possible, as it requires their special adapter, not sure if your local electronics store will have an extra one of those in a pinch.

These things do, for some reason require power, in the form of batteries, or that adapter. I tried hard to find out if the power was only necessary if you were planning on phantom powering things, but couldn’t find an answer. I’m going to assume you need to stick batteries in these things in order to work. I had earlier been led to believe that lightning power wasn’t enough to reach acceptable output levels, hence the trouble with the iRig HD 2, and that’s why you’d need the batteries on this, but as shown below, Sonoma Wire Works claims desktop interface output levels on their lightning powered units. We shall see.

The Duo looks extra smart, as it has two actual 1/4″ outputs…and I’m going to assume they aren’t just mono summed mirrors of each other (yes I know, assuming ANYTHING on iOS is folly, but still…Not making these stereo would be as dumb as Line 6 not putting a line output on the Amplifi 150)

The iRig Pro I/O sadly, has no 1/4″ outputs, but does have the same 1/8″ stereo output as the Duo.

I haven’t tried either of these yet, but likely will. If IK or anyone else wants to send them to me, I’ll be glad to give them a run.

The verdict: These need power of some sort, either batteries or their special adapter. If this doesn’t deter you (and assuming the output levels are decent, which I have no real reason to believe at the moment), these are probably a cool choice.


iRig Stomp I/O

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