Choosing an iOS Guitar Interface

The Quartet ups the ante on the Duet offering 4 Combos in and 6 1/4″ out….All separate, REAL connectors, VERY nice! Again serious metering here as well. Something else I don’t think I’ve seen on any other of these devices: 8 ins and outs over ADAT! This brings the Quartet up to the level of the type of product you can find on Craigslist of 50 dollar desktop interfaces, but on the mobile platform. Something comfortable, something familiar! Like a beacon in a storm almost.

The Verdict: These three devices offer some cool features, some with unique features, but they have their issues as well. The ONE and the Duet have their I/O on breakout boxes, adding to the unreliability (but then again, potentially fixable in ways the internal connectors of other devices may not be), not sure the availability of replacement cables, and this could lessen their perceived portability and add a tiny bit of complexity. Is it worth it? Up to you. Cutting down on the portability as well are the power requirements. The ONE seems to need batteries like the iRig Pro series, again, this may or may not be an issue to you. The Duet and Quartet have the same pluses and minuses as the other desktop style interfaces reviewed here, with the extreme disadvantage that the others have stable, mature ASIO drivers for Windows, while at this time these devices are Mac only on the desktop side. Entire forums have been shut down arguing over converter quality between Apogee Lavry, Mytek and all the budget converters, so I won’t really go into that here although, I would be willing to do one of my notorious bets that you won’t be able to pick the apogee in an ABX over the Presonus or Focusrite. I would happily put up some gear for that challenge. Because of this, for the cost of the Apogee, I would buy two of the arguably more functional desktop style interfaces from Presonus or Focusrite and have some money left over for a Blueboard or BT-4, before I bought one of these two units. The ONE may be more of a contender if you don’t mind the power requirements and the breakout cables VS the comparable iRig stuff



This device is a docking style interface with a really comprehensive looking set of inputs and outputs. It also seems to have pass through charging. Unfortunately, I think it is only for older devices. It was unclear to me if there is a lightning connector version.

Verdict: Probably pretty cool in its day, and probably still cool for the devices it supports, but without lightning support, this feels like an evolutionary dead end.


iTrack One Pre/ iTrack Pocket

These two lightning devices, like the Apogee Jam series, don’t seem to have any outputs of their own. They are probably great for older devices, but I wouldn’t be too interested in them for stage duty.

iTrack Dock

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