My iOS Guitar Journey

At this point in my journey, I have pretty much decided Tonestack is the best available app for me, but there are a few things which I like better in other apps, the biggest, being the cabinet emulation, and second the amplifiers themselves. I THINK I like the amps better in BIAS. I like the speakers available in BIAS a bit better as well, but what I really want is an impulse loader, of which there actually are a few apps for on iOS.

Unfortunately there is no VST like ability as far as I can tell on iOS.

But there are two helpful functions: IAA or Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

IAA allows you to place other apps inside as an FX module in a host app. Perfect right? Just like VST! Not quite. For one thing, it does not recall the preset of the hosted app, but the main problem is that it is just buggy. My IAA fx disappear in Tonestack as soon as I change presets. IAA would be great if it could tell the other app what preset to load, and if it wasn’t so buggy.

Audiobus, as far as I can tell, is like a chainer, where you can place one app after another, but not inside each other…Its kind of like a pedalboard for apps. Could be cool for putting an impulse response on after Tonestack, but I don’t see how I would switch it off when I want my clean sound.

I guess at this point I could go on and on about Tonestack, the good, the bad, and the suggestions I would have for it, but this post seems to have gotten long enough. I hope it was helpful, and I will hopefully be making a lot more shorter, specific how to’s based on my experiences.

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