My iOS Guitar Journey

First of all, and I need to truly test this to be 100% sure, but it seems like latency went up. Tonestack’s harmonizer now crackles with the same settings I used with the iRig2. CPU use seems the same, so I am betting I’m looking at something related to the apparently increased latency. Again, hopefully I test this on a faster iDevice and see exactly what’s going on.

Noise….aside from the explosive ridiculous nasty bug, noise is WAY down compared to the iRig2. I usually test input gain by seeing how easily I can make artificial harmonics. Even at the very lowest gain setting on the iRig HD 2’s body, I have zero trouble, if anything its actually louder than the roughly halfway up I had on the iRig2. No longer using the noisegate on Tonestack even on the high gain amps. A drastic improvement.

Bandwidth. People can easily cite hundreds of times where I have claimed that any decently built device won’t really have a bandwidth problem, even the cheap stuff. But in this case, WOW, maybe, and I mean a slight maybe, its the lack of noise, but it appears to me, that especially on the clean settings, the highs are just lush and dare I say beautiful! Piercing, but not distorted, just hard and clear. Blown away.

One things these interfaces all or at least most seem to have a problem with again comes from the target market. If you are going to just be playing at home with your headphones or whatever, they should be fine, but for the rest of us, the outputs can be problematic.

The Apogee lightning unit I looked at didn’t seem to have an output at all, it seemed to rely on the iDevice’s headphone jack to work…not cool.

The iRig 2 doesnt have a gain control on its headphone out, but it does have a 1/4″ out, which as far as I can tell is mono, and has far too low of output level for my tastes (unless you hit the “thru” switch, defeating the purpose of this jack for me)

I picked the HD 2 over the pro because of the 1/4″ out on the HD 2, but this is summed to mono, and setting the headphone gain to levels near unity with the thru switch level results in some nasty distortion. I made some adapters to go to two XLR’s from the headphone jack and it seems to work much better than the 1/4″ and truly is stereo. I actually used this cable to create a chart showing which of Tonestack’s FX were mono and which were stereo.

I couldn’t find a chart like this, or anywhere else to learn these things, though maybe I just wasn’t looking ridiculously hard enough. I don’t want to keep harping on the documentation thing…

There is an IK HD Pro Duo, which appears to have two 1/4″ outs, hopefully one actually left and one actually right, not a pair of summed 1/4″‘s, but I couldn’t find if that was the case, and it seems to need powering which would cut down the convenience a bit.

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