My iOS Guitar Journey

I chose this interface specifically over the iRig HD Pro as it had an actual 1/4″ output in addition to the stereo 1/8″ outs. In use, I found that I could turn the input gain all the way down and everything was pretty happy noise wise, and now, NO feedback! Wooohooo!

But wait, that’s not exactly true. Out of the blue, the thing would make full scale noise and hiss and distortion, kind of the brief blip you’d hear on a DAW when changing sample rates, only it would continue until you unplugged the lightning connector! Game over, showstopper…youch, let’s figure this out!

I hit the forums and it wasn’t too long before I saw others having the same issues:

It was reccomended to update the firmware, which I did, but the issue remained. Most disturbing to me was this post, where we see the usual script style non answer tech support, which is TOTALLY not my experience with IK Multimedia

It appears that according to the quote that was alleged to come from Positive Grid (I couldn’t find the actual source, just the quote), that the issue may never be fixed on some devices, as OS time has moved on. I won’t really have my final verdict till I try this with one of the newer iOS devices

I will say this. I sent a support ticket to IK Multimedia about this and it hasn’t been answered yet as of this writing.  IK has responded, see update below. Disappointing to say the least. Will ALL of IK’s lightning devices do this? I’m a bit scared to find out, but I will accept them for testing if anyone so desires.

I don’t know if I can entirely blame this on iCulture, though it is kind of par for the course. Ethically, they probably should have a warning on their site about this, really.


There should be GIANT BOLD FONT, flashing red and black, with giant arrows pointing at it warning that this is a KNOWN ISSUE. It may not affect everyone, but certain devices are likely to have problems and THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER SHOULD BE FULLY INFORMED

Seriously, I would feel like a bad person if I didn’t do this. This is the kind of thing that will rightfully get you the banhammer in the VST world, and does.

Disappointed, really, truly, I expect better here. IK Multimedia, we have been friends a long time, if I am getting this wrong, I will retract it and make sincere apologies, but I want to be honest, and this is really how I see it right now.

Update: IK has confirmed the problem, seems to be iOS 9.1 and later on the older devices. Not sure if Apple will be fixing this, so probably best to use newer iDevices, though as the other forum showed, there were some iPhone 7 issues as well. I assume this will be the case for any Lightning based devices, and not limited to the IK Multimedia products.

At the time of this writing, IK still shows iPad mini as compatible, and probably shouldn’t.

Update: I have run for a few hours on the iPhone 5 without suffering any of the issues described. I’m on the lookout for a newer iPad (mini2, Air, whatever can run the newer OS’s) if anyone wants to donate one.

Back to the iRig HD2’s non showstopping qualities.

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